How to Bypass link Shorteners like adfly


we all had been in this situation when you click on a short link in order to get to another web destination but suddenly a web page with a counter and skip button pops up, we all hate that, and what's more hateful than this is when you click on skip button and another page with country pops out again, sometimes greedy webmasters do it endlessly just to earn few cents from your view.

 we understand some webmasters need to earn money by redirecting URLs using adfly and other URL shorteners platforms but some of them took it far away and this website are sometimes untrusted and may harm your PC just by viewing it .

I had couple of experiences where a sudden .exe or apk application would auto-download to my PC or mobile and of course it may contain a virus or a spyware .

so image thousands of people would get viruses or even worse a ransomware just by visiting these links .

 How to  Bypass url Shorteners websites  ?

we so far found a great solution for this but it may not work in all URL shortners platforms .

its about an  extension you can use in your browser called  Universal Bypass

this extension is available for Microsoft edge , firefox and chrome .

I'm gonna use firefox to install the app and test it using some of adfly links .

so after we go to their official website Universal Bypass I choose firefox it will instantly open the download link.

after I download the extension it will be added to firefox and nothing much need to be done after that . of course a new window will popup to let you choose more options for this extension but as we said its optional and no need to choose any unless if you know what u want .

and here's the result we made it in a short video , as you can see no more counts and waiting or popup , this extension works great with this website but not sure if it may work with others .

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