Best Free Anime streaming websites in 2022


In our previous article, we reviewed the Best Free Movie streaming websites in 2022 and we listed all the websites we know online , but in this article we will be more specific this time .

We reviewed the best Best Free Anime streaming websites in 2022 along with torrents and other website that will alow you to download any movie, lets get started .

Anime Streaming :

9Anime or : it allow you to search for any anime series also include filters , anime of the day , week , month and sub/dub tending options .

Anime8 : another good anime streaming site with sub/dub 

AniMixPlay  : anime movies and series with sub/dub it also have discord server.

AnimeTribes : include dub

AnimeKisa : include sub/dub

AnimePahe : include sub and a python script that will allow you to search and download movies via terminal 

AnimeLon : if you want to learn Japanese this website give you a good learning experience by watching anime and reading translation history . :  anime streaming search engine .

DubbedAnime : as it says it had sub and dubbed anime . : claims to be 1# source of anime it also have community . : all pokemon episodes

Anime Downloading :

AnimeKaizoku : include sub/dub and dual audio , discord server 

hi10anime : sub 

AnimeBatchDDL : sub / dub and discord server 

Judas Discord : discord server with driver download links 

15TB Anime Collection  : download 15 terabyte of anime collection from this google drive .

Anime-Sharing  :  a forum where you can share and download anime and manga 

NoobSubs :  sub/ dub also include huge drive  to download best anime 

Anime Collection (3Tb) : another google drive to download 3 tb of anime collection .

Best Telegram Channels To Download anime : 

Best websites to download anime torrents : 

that's our list for now if we miss any website kindly type it on a comment below . 


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