Video: Meta introduces the prototype of a tactile glove that lets you feel things in virtual reality!

Meta shared that one of its Reality Labs Researc teams is working on the future of augmented and virtual reality interaction. The goal of this team is to develop technology that solves one of the key challenges in the Metaverse, namely how we touch the virtual world, the company's statement said.

It added: "Imagine working on a 3D virtual puzzle with a realistic 3D avatar of a friend. When you pick up a virtual puzzle piece from the table, your fingers automatically stop moving when you sense it's within reach. You feel the sharpness of the edges and the smooth surface of the box as you lift it up to check the delicacy, followed by a satisfying shot when it's done." To enable this experience and add a touch to the Metaverse, the team is developing tactile gloves that will be comfortable, customizable and able to replicate a range of sensations in virtual worlds, including texture, pressure and vibration.

The company says it is still in the early stages of this research, but the goal is to one day pair the gloves with a VR headset to
provide an immersive experience like going to a concert or playing poker in the Metaverse, and eventually they will also work with augmented reality glasses. She noted, however, that developing these gloves is a challenge that will require the invention of entirely new areas of scientific research.
Meta concluded, "Our tactile gloves project started as a starting point, but it is becoming more possible as we continue to innovate and research extensively. Over the last seven years we have developed new technologies, techniques and disciplines, pushed the boundaries of what is possible using soft robotics, and invented materials and manufacturing processes. Brand new. To make progress in each of these research areas, it takes time to develop the right technology. So for now, tactile glove research remains in the lab, but we are excited about the progress we have made and the potential that's emerging for a virtual world you can touch."

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