Upgrade To Windows 10 Without Losing Data


Windows 7 Support Is Over And There Will No Updates For That Version Of Windows.. 

U Neend To Upgrade The Windows 10 This Guide Will Help U To Upgrade Without Losing Data.


Step 1 - Download Below Tool In Pc..


Step 2 - Select Upgrade This Pc Now.. Then Windows 10 Will Start Downloading..

Step 3 - After Download It Will Check Space For Installation..

Step 4 - After That Click Install Do Not UnSelect Any Option

Step 5 - Windows 10 Starts Installing.. (May Take Time)

Step 6 - Complete Next Steps.. They Are Very Easy To Complete..

Step 7 - The Windows Pswd Is Same As Your Old Window Pswd..

Step 8 - Now Check Every File And Apps It's On Place And Nothing Losed

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