Shiba Inu Issues a dangerous warning !


"We have learned of the recent scam attempts through various social media and other communication platforms."

Here is a short video that will give you more information on this topic.

This was the most popular cryptocurrency message on social media, the Shiba Inu, warning traders of scams after recent price spikes by impersonating Shiba Inu.

Attracting scammers

When a cryptocurrency asset gains popularity and the price rises quickly, it tends to attract the attention of bad actors.

This seems to be the case with Shiba Inu, which has been one of the most traded digital assets in recent months. Now, the team behind it has confirmed that fake accounts with the same name are targeting investors.

Despite its release last year, the self-proclaimed 2021 Dogecoin killer has become a magnet for fraudsters, especially in recent months.

With the launch of a decentralized exchange and the NFT group, the meme coin caught the attention of retail investors who flocked to it with the promise of quick and massive profits.

These price increases actually came about as SHIB became the top performer of 2021 with a ROI of 100,000,000% before recovering somewhat.

However, such a surge is expected to have brought Shiba Inu into the focus of scammers, at least if the team behind the project has their way.


The anonymous team behind the development of Shiba Inu posted a video on Twitter explaining that malicious actors have started impersonating Shiba Inu's official Telegram accounts and have targeted some of the most popular hashtags related to the project.

The scammers have reportedly started promoting breaking news, big events, rewards and gifts, but the Shiba Inu team has denied all of this.

The video warned all investors to be wary of such proposals appearing on unverified accounts and advised them not to share their wallet keys, email addresses and passwords.

Also, the Shiba Inu team strongly advised against joining suspicious Telegram groups or replying to bots and fake accounts.

Scammers posing as a celebrity, company, or project usually promise to double any tokens investors send to their addresses.


However, those who fall for the scam never get any coins back.

This has prompted industry leaders like Charles Hoskinson and Brad Garlinghouse to take action. The latter has sued YouTube for failing to ban fake videos.

However, the lawsuit had little to no success, so investors should protect themselves.

Sheba now

Shiba Inu is rising at these moments, joining the list of only 3 major digital currencies to see a rise on Monday during these transactions.

And the Shiba Inu or Dogecoin killer is now up in the 2.2% range, to a level of $0.0000462, while its lowest level today was $0.00004307.

The Shiba Inu is down 17% in 7 trading days, while up 60% in thirty days and up about 500% in 60 days, while down more than 45% since its peak in October.

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