Install Linux on your Android Phone without Root


You might be surprised to know that it is literally possible to open the Linux interface and command prompt on your Android phone. 

Now, installing a Linux on Android has always been a tedious task and often requires root but here, we do have a way to do that without root or any special knowledge and skills.

By using Debian Noroot app, you can install Linux distribution Debian on your Android phone to get a few utilitarian things done. 

It is basically an operating system based on Linux which allows the user to install LibreOffice, GIMP, and other open source software through APT (Advanced Package Tool) and make use of the same.

To do this, you just have to install the Debian Noroot app from the PlayStore

then just open it like any other application and allow it to download the full package for complete installation. 

Once loaded fully, you will be welcomed by a mouse-oriented desktop interface where you can download and install certain programs or games just like on any other version of Linux

Nonetheless, there are endless possibilities to be explored in case if you’re bored with your Android.

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