How to Turn on Universal Clipboard on iPhone and Mac

This is how you operate the Universal Clipboard feature that Apple has integrated into the iOS system. With this feature, you can copy a text, image, or video on your iPhone and paste it on your Mac. Or into a text editor or something else. So you can say that the iPhone and Mac are compatible in terms of copying.

iPhone and Mac versions that support the universal clipboard

Before you start thinking about enabling this service and talking about its benefits, I'll leave you with the most important thing: Does your iPhone support this feature? Does your Mac support it, too? If your Mac supports this feature, your iPhone may not. Therefore, we provide you with a list of devices that support this feature, Universal Clipboard.

  • iPhone 5 and above to iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max...etc.
  • iPad Pro.
  • iPad 4.
  • iPad Air all versions.
  • iPad mini 2 and up.
  • iPod 6 and higher.
  • MacBook (early 2015) and later.
  • MacBook Pro (2012) and later.
  • MacBook Air (2012) and later.
  • Mac mini 2012 and older.
  • iMac 2012 and later.
  • Mac Pro of late 2013 and later.

These are the supported versions of Mac and iPhone. If your device is in between, make sure this feature works fine for you.

Steps to run the Universal Clipboard feature on iPhone and Mac.

Right now, the feature only works with images, text, and videos. To enable it, follow these steps:

Sign in to the devices with the same Apple account. If you do not have an Apple account yet, you can create one here.

Open Bluetooth on both iPhone and Mac.

Open the wireless connection on the iPhone and the Mac.

Bring the devices within 1 to 2 feet of each other.

Copy and paste the text, image, or video on the iPhone to the Mac (or vice versa).

If you encounter any problems with this wonderful feature, you can solve them with any of the following steps and fully rely on them because they are proven and successful solutions.

Solve the problems with universal clipboard on Mac and iPhone.

Log out from the Apple account on the devices and then log back in, a comprehensive solution that will surely help you.

Lock and unlock Bluetooth and Wireless and make sure they work on both devices to connect them with this feature (make sure Airdrop is active).

Make sure your devices are close to each other because if they are far apart, the universal clipboard will not work.

The text, images, and videos you copy will delete themselves after a while, so you'll have to paint them again if it does not work.

The universal clipboard feature is great. It can greatly help you copy passwords, links, important texts and conversations and transfer them between devices quickly and flexibly. iPhone, in addition to many other features I will discover later. Source

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