How To Transfer Whats App Data To Another Android And Run It With No Errors And Place Backup In Right Order



1. Android Phone You Want To Send Your Chats With No Whatsapp

2. Backed Up Whatsapp Data In Previous Phone

3. Internet Connection 

4. A Good File Manager

Considering You Made A Manual Backup Of Your Files In Your Android Lets Start 

Go To Your File Manager

Scroll Down And Look For Whatsapp Folder

Click On It And You Will See 2 Folders 

1. Databases(Where Your Chats And Messages Are Stored)

2. Media (Where All Your Backed Up Audio Video etc.. Are Stored)

Long Tap Or Hold On Databases And Tick Both Databases And Media And Select Share

Click Xender And Send To The Other Phone Just That Whatsapp Database and media to they other device

Now Send Whatsapp To They Other Device Now.....

Install Whatsapp On The Other Device But Dont Open It

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