How to See back the Notifications you Swiped Away


Ever cleared all your notifications in a hurry without reading them properly? 

Yeah, I know that happens quite often and later comes the realization that you might have missed something important, maybe something from an app which you don’t know, in such case will you waste your time opening every app to recheck notifications? Well, we have a solution for that as well.

Simply long press and hold on your home screen to show up the screen-adjusting mode.

 Now, tap on widgets and look for the Settings shortcut widget which should look like a basic settings gear. 

Next, drag it to somewhere on your home screen which will be followed by a popup list allowing you to choose from essential shortcuts like accessibility, app info, battery, devices, battery, memory, etc. Just search for the option named “notification log” and select it.

After which you can view all your previous notifications from all the apps with the time of appearance using the shortcut.

Pro Tip: You can also use this trick to read the Whatsapp messages which have been deleted by the sender using Delete for Everyone option.

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