How to Reduce Lag and Delays on Android


If you have a significantly old & low-end device, then you might face lagging and freezing problems quite often while using it. 

It might even lag while performing basic tasks like calling or using Whatsapp. In such case, you might think that it is due to ageing of the device, well, in a word it’s true but can be rectified using a simple workaround.

Technically, Android draws from a predefined set of random data for performing most of the operations. When the device runs out of this entropy pool, it has to rebuild itself causing delays in opening apps.

This issue can be solved by using the Seeder app which takes the process that generates data and performs it every second. Then it feeds that info to a new random data pool and keeps refreshing it regularly and further uses that data to keep the system pool juiced up so that it never runs out. This results in faster app launches, lag-free animations, and reduced navigation lag.

Note that this app requires ROOT and isn’t compatible with the newer versions of Android. In such a case, you can also try the L Speed app for speeding up your Android phone.

For people who are not willing to root their smartphones can enable developer options by tapping 7 times on the build number in About device section, after which you can reduce the animations speed by 0.5X or even disable them completely. 

This will significantly reduce animation lag and make your device faster.

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