how to let google delete all your data


As we all know, Google has so much data from you, things like photos, videos, passwords, location, search history, and more like your preference and behavior.

if you ever wanted to delete all that at once along with your Google account or just decrease the amount of data that Google would collect from you u had to follow these steps :

Data & privacy

First make sure you are logged in to your google account and Click on this link 

in this page you can choose whether to save the things you do and places you go to get more relevant results, personalized maps, recommendations, and more 

Click on Web and App Activity , a new page will popup then you will see a toggle button besides  Web and App Activity , Turn it off by clicking on it .

if you scroll down you will see options like

 Include Chrome history and activity from sites, apps, and devices that use Google services


Include audio recordings.

u decided to include them or not.

you can also let google auto-delete your activity that are older than several months :

Scroll down in web and app activity page to see this option Auto-delete (Off) 

simply click on it to turn it on and choose which month to auto delete .

Location History

after we are finished with web and activity option we will click on Location History

and click on the blue toggle button you see besides location history.

by turning off this option google will not collect data from your location history .

and there is also auto delete option you can turn it off in the same way as the one mentioned above .

more options to turn them off :

there is also Youtube history - ad settings - personal results in search .

you can also turn them off the same way as mentioned above.

How to delete your data on google if you were inactive for a long time :

this option is also known as deadman switch, you can actually  plan what happens to your data if you can’t use your Google Account anymore

go to this link  and click start.

choose how long google should wait before they delete your data

choose contact options : phone number - email and recovery email.

and click next.

in next page Choose who to notify & what to share.

put email of your very close persons to notify them and share with them your personal data incase you were unable to use the internet to get notification from google.

and you are done.

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