How to install any apk in windows 11 in just 1 click


Running Android apps in Windows 11 without an emulator is one of the system's most powerful features. For this, you have to rely on the Amazon AppStore, which limits the experience as it only contains a small number of apps.

 There is a way to install andriod apps outside of the Amazon Store on Windows 11, but for some users this is difficult due to the use of ADB commands. So, in this post, we will learn about a quick tool that you can use to install any Android app on Windows 11 with just one click.

WSATools is a completely free application developed by Simone Franco that saves you from working with ADB commands to install any Android application on Windows 11. 
You need to first install the Windows Subsystem for Android package and the ADB tool as we mentioned in this post, and then enable the developer mode in the launcher settings for Android apps on Windows 11.
 To do this, click on the arrow icon in front of the "Files" section and then enable the "Developer Mode" option in the Windows Subsystem for Android settings.

Then download the WSATools app from the Microsoft Store using the link at the end of the post, or search for it in the Store and launch it from the Start menu. Then tap the "Select an APK" button.

You may see a message saying "ADB is missing." Click the "Install" button and the app will take care of downloading and installing the tool

The application can only handle application files in APK format and marks them with a different icon to indicate that it is a file belonging to the Android system.

 After clicking Select APK to select the APK file from the computer, click Load APK or you can double-click the APK file and it will be automatically opened by the WSATools application

WSATools will read the APK file and display the icon of the app you want to install, its name, size in KB and even the version number. Press Install to start the installation process.

A message will be displayed confirming that the application installation was successful. The program can only handle one application at a time and you cannot install multiple applications at once.

Download link :

- WSATools application

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