How to find new crypto coins before they pumbed


Are you tired of finding out about coins after they have already pumped? Look no further. These are the no bullshit ways I have netted over $700,000 for simply being early. These methods are simple but will consume a major amount of your time. If you are willing to put in the work you will be rewarded.  Let's begin.

Method 1


My preferred method is going on 4chan's /biz/ board and sorting by new and refreshing the page every 5 minutes. This method worked on Hoge, and Shiba (plus many others which have had less returns). For HOGE and SHIBA, I netted around $700,000 dollars from a $1000 initial investment in both. KISHU and  HOKK have netted me 40k each. It pays to be early, and usually coins on 4chan are the earliest you will find them.


Method 2


Download telegram and search for @uniswaplistings. This is a bot that will display new coins the moment they are listed. Once you see a coin listed, search for it on Telegram and try to see if a group has been made for it. Or, if you are ballsy, ape in without any research.


Method 3


Twitter and Reddit are the final methods I use to find new coins. On reddit, go to r/cryptomoonshots and search by new, and on twitter, use the hashtags #cryptogem #crypto #uniswapgem etc. Twitter and Reddit are usually my last option if the top two haven't worked.


Tips and Tricks

  • Key listing times are Weekdays at around 9PM - 2AM. Weekends usually are not active.
  • ?Gauge the vibe of the telegram chat. If admins speak broken english, leave. If the owner of the coin is begging you to buy, leave. If the chat has 10k members but is dead silent, leave.


  • Most coins will usually pump, dump, stagnate for a month or two, then re pump bigger than before. Be patient.

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