How to delete your Photos in Google Search Engine


There are few things that bother you more than seeing photos of yourself on Google. And of course, you do not want your photos to be public because anyone can store them without your knowledge and use them for certain purposes. 

Google knows this very well, which is why they recently introduced a tool that allows you to remove your photos (or photos of your loved ones) from search results.

Since the images Google shows you as results after a search are not its property, but hosted on websites outside the great Google, the company cannot remove your images from the internet.

 The only thing it can do is prevent your photos from appearing in others' search results. To do this, you need to make a request .

First of all, we need to remind you that Google does not respond to all requests to remove images from its results. In fact, your request will only be granted if the image to be removed meets one of the following conditions:

It shows financial, medical, or national identification information.

Contains explicit intimate acts or sexual blackmail.

Unintentionally displays false pornographic content, such as deepfakes.

- The website hosting the image has policies in place to remove objectionable content.

- The image is part of an intellectual property infringement.

- The image shows a minor.

If you are sure your images meet the above conditions, follow these steps to remove them from Google search results:

Click the following link to access the form in the Google Help Center.

- In the part where the phrase "Personal information Google will remove" appears, touch the option that corresponds to the image you want to delete.

Make a note of the requirements, and then click Start removal request.

Next, you'll need to select a number of options to give Google more information about why you want to remove the image.

Later, you'll need to provide your personal information (or the information of the person you represent) and the URL of the website where the photo you want to remove is located. Additionally, you can upload an image or snapshot that shows the image in question.

Finally, press the blue Send button.

Now all you have to do is wait for Google to respond. Google will review your status and let you know whether or not your photos can be deleted based on their content removal policy.

As we mentioned earlier, your photos will still be online even if Google approves your request (only they will not show up in search results). If you want to remove them completely from the network, you have no choice but to connect to the website where your images appear.

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