How to change Background of any video in one Click

Some time ago we knew a web tool to remove the background of videos. Although it is a viable solution, its free and free mode is very limited.

The service we tested now has competition because a new alternative is starting to offer better services, even with its free plan.
- BgRem, new option to remove the background from videos
Removing the background from a video opens up a host of new possibilities when it comes to editing. However, it takes experience, time and patience in a traditional video editor.
BgRem is a new option that lets you make this kind of change easily and conveniently from your browser. Like unscreen, you simply upload a video to the web and the process begins automatically. The only similarity between the two services is the way they are used. However, there are some features that define notable differences between the two.

If you sign up without creating an account with the service, you can edit two videos with a maximum of 10 seconds per day, a maximum of 20 per month, and no sound. If you sign up on the site, even for free, the audio will be restored and you can increase the video duration limit to 30 seconds. Although the limit of 2 videos per day is maintained, the monthly quota increases to 40 and cloud storage is also provided for 5 videos. One detail that makes this option even more impressive is that both modes provide watermark-free results in full HD.
Once the video is processed, it can be downloaded with a transparent background or with a custom background that can be uploaded from your computer or simply filled with a color of your choice.

- Link: Bgrem

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