Go Daddy Is Hacked ! If you have account there Change your Password Immediately !!


Web hosting company GoDaddy announced in the last few hours that the administrative data of about 1.2 million WordPress sites maintained by the platform was hacked by hackers. This happened more than two months ago, on September 6 to be exact, according to the platform.

International news agency Reuters quotes GoDaddy as saying that the incident was discovered on November 17 and the third party gained access to the system using a compromised password. "We noticed suspicious activity in our WordPress hosting environment and immediately launched an investigation with the help of a forensic firm IT and contacted law enforcement," said Demetrius Komis, chief information security officer at GoDaddy.

Reuters added that the famed GoDaddy, whose shares fell about 1.6% in early trading, immediately blocked the unauthorized third party and that the investigation is ongoing into the matter, which is affecting the credibility of one of the digital world's most famous web hosting companies with millions of customers.

Despite all this, there is still little information about the hacking attack that was revealed in the last few hours.

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