Disable This windows Feature to speed up your PC


In a new post, we will show you how to speed up your computer in a safe and effective way, without any programs.
You will find that the speed of your computer and your system will increase when you use this feature, and we will explain at the end what this feature is and what it will bring you. 
Now let us get to how this method works:
First, you open the Control Panel window on your computer, and then at the top of the Control Panel window, you change the view to in Category, as shown in the following figure:
Then you click on Optimize visual display from the Ease Of Access feature, as shown in the following figure:
Then go down and check Turn off all unnecessary animations ( when possible) option,as shown in the following figure:

Then press OK and you will notice an increase in the speed of your device as this feature turns off all unnecessary animations on your computer.

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