Many spy and monitoring applications appeared on WhatsApp just by phone number, as these apps allow you to monitor any person, whether it's a friend or brother ... etc. You can monitor him and get all his movements within the application, I loved to collect these applications for you in one place and in In this post we will show you the 4 best new applications to monitor WhatsApp only by phone number.

wLog app

One of the new modern apps to monitor WhatsApp using any person's phone number. It gives you all the information about him, when he entered the app, how long he stayed in it and when he left it, and it also sends you instant notifications when he opens his account.

OnLong app.

It is new and was launched about a month ago and features a very nice user interface and handy tools. The application allows you to monitor only one number and if you want to add another number, you need to subscribe.

WhatsPlus - last Seen Tracker APP.

When you download the application, open it and enter the name of the victim. Then select the country and enter the number in the last field. Once you click Next, the application will start monitoring the victim and will show you their recent movements in WhatsApp.

WLogin application

Another nice and very useful application that allows you to spy on a person's WhatsApp using only their phone number. It features a very simple and complication-free interface and gives you the option to add only one number.

These were the 4 best spy apps that allow you to monitor any person's WhatsApp only from their phone number easily and for free. It is worth mentioning that you can try these apps only for 24 hours, so after this period you just need to go to settings and then delete apps and data.

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