Best Adblocking Extensions


yes, ads are annoying, but necessary at the same time because most of the websites depend on ads to keep running, but there are some websites that use really annoying ads such as pop-up ads and others that blocks the screens and ruin your browser experience, well if you are a fan of adblocking extensions I bring you this list of the best adblocking extensions on the web. enjoy but please if you think some website you visited is worth viewing their ad just disable these extensions for them as a kind of support.

▷ Adblocking Extensions

  • Adblock Filters - Filters for Adblockers / Test Filters / Merge Filters

  • Twitch Adblockers - Block Ads on Twitch

  • Redirect Skippers - Bypass Redirects

Popupblocker All (firefox), Popup Blocker Strict / GitHub (Other browsers)

Thats it , the ultimate list to block ads on the web.

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