[2022] Get Free IPTV app With more then 15k channels


Yes, your smartphone is also a small pocket TV that you probably carry around with you all day.

Thanks to the applications that exist for online broadcasting TV, you can use your mobile phone to watch live TV broadcasts and sports interviews with the most popular broadcasters from around the world. 

Today we are going to introduce you to the application BLACK TV, one of the best applications have tried in my life. Not only that, you will get the activation code by February 2 next year.

 The application divides the channels by countries and categories. Overall, the application gives you a very large number of different channels, more than 15 thousand different channels. And the model here, we have opened channels between sports and everything works.

After downloading and running the application, you will be asked for an activation code. 

Enter this code: Click here to see the code 

After that, you will find that the application is approved for use until February 2 of next year.

To get more codes when the period expires, you need to follow the company's YouTube channel via this link.

 Download link for the application: Black TV

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