20 Things They NEED TO FIX in Grand theft Auto Trilogy


So the Grand theft Auto Trilogy: Definitive Editionis out, and we have some notes.

As you probably have seen if you're on social media, the game has its problems.

In our "Before You Buy" Article,we admit we were having fun,


but the technical issues really get in the way, and it can be disappointing.

In this Article right here, we're gonna detail the problems specifically and what we want fixed,

and we've got 20 things.


So let's get started.

If you want a perfect example of how this Definitive Edition trilogy thing wasn't given enough care, then

look no further than this.


In "GTA III," there's a spot in the northern part of Portland near the tunnel that connects to Staunton Island.

There's a spot with absolutely no collision. It's just a big hole that you can drive into.

It looks like there's grass there, but there isn't. Drive your car to it, and you'll fall through every time.

And this isn't some kind of trick of us doing it and driving a special way or something.


All you have to do is just go to this particular spot and you'll fall through the world every time.

How they missed this, we have no idea.


Next, over at number 19,


let's talk the character models. A lot of the new character models look fine, and we said in our video

that we actually like how they look, but some characters didn't get as much love as others.

A lot of the side characters, yikes. Some of them look less detailed than they originally did.

Of course, the biggest one you've probably seen memed is Denise, the first girlfriend you can get.


In the original game, she looked pretty distinct. She looked like her own character.Now, the Definitive

Version of her, it's bad. Something must have been lost in translation here.


Next, over at number 18,


let's talk about some of the messed-up animations, because there are some points

where the models just don't look good at all.

The problem seems to come from the new models


using the old animations, and even though it's a remaster and not a full remake, it's a 20-year-old game,

and the animations really show their age.


The most obvious example, probably, is the one with Ryder riding a bike during the first mission of "San Andreas." His arms are all freaky and Slender-Manny and distended.

It just doesn't look good.


That's not the only example of this thing happening in the game, but it's one of the funniest.

For us, personally, another one that we didn't really like is CJ's neck, specifically when he's using certain guns. It looks really weird. It's definitely a problem with the new character model over the old stuff.

But yeah, it's a little distracting, and we hope that gets fixed.


Now, next over at number 17,


we have to talk about the rain. Almost feel like we gotta put an epilepsy warning before this.


It's that bad. This is a big one, and it could potentially be an easy fix.

Sometimes the rain looks absolutely terriblebin the Definitive Edition trilogy.

You probably remember this was a big highlight for us in the "Before You Buy" Article.


It's just so thick and loud and covers the whole screen and it gets legitimately hard to see,

especially in "GTA III." This actually hurts the fun and it makes it so you can't see

when it's raining pretty hard, but not in a realistic way, in a broken way.


This will probably be fixed the soonest, as everyone has been

complaining about this, and modders have already fixed it.

Shout-out to them. But yeah.


Next, over at number 16,


one big feature used to sell the Definitive Edition was the improved draw distance.

You can see pretty much the entire game world now instead of just a few yards in front of you.

And now, for the most part, it's a huge improvement,

and we were pretty excitedto see it at first,but it does have the negative effect of making the world seem small.

Get up high enough, and you can see all of San Andreas now,

and the world looks kind of like a little model

more than a real place, and it kind of ruins the immersion of being an entire state.


Now, this one isn't so bad.This is a bit more of a nitpick. And again, like we said before, it's not a full remake.It's just a remaster.But still, It's something that's definitely bothering people.


And if they just at least added the ability or the option to have some fog in the game, that would make some people happy.


Next, over at number 15,


here's another thing about this remaster that is sometimes just enemies get super accurate.


Apparently, it's some kind of bug where enemies have the same accuracy as they would have if they were in a car, where in a car, enemies are supposed to be pretty accurate,

but on foot, they're not supposed to be that good.


But with the Definitive Edition, it seems like a lot of the time, they are crackshots all of the time.


Now, this is one bug that may already be fixed or be fixed quickly, but right now, it's hard to say,


but it is a thing that some of us here experienced, where certain sections felt a lot harder

than we remember them being, and this whole deal does seem to be the reason why.


Next, over at number 14,


even though this is a next-generation release, it is strange to see low-quality buildings and terrain so easily.

You'd think that they'd push the draw distance way back, but in a lot of ways, it feels almost identical to

the original games on the PS2.


We've got next-gen consoles, and I don't think anyone expected to see these lower-quality distance models again,

considering how low-poly all the buildings are anyway.

But hey, it's just another weird thing with the draw distance, 

let's move on over to number 13,

where there's still a lot of pop-in. Even with the improved draw distance and everything else they've done,

there's still just a ton of pop-in, and rocks and trees, pedestrians and cars start appearing when you're really close to them sometimes.It's something that's pretty easy to notice, of course, if you're going really fast in a car,

which is a little bit more normal, but like when you're flying

around on a helicopter or an airplane, it really stands out,and it's a bit too much. It's unfortunate.


Next, over at number 12,


we gotta talk about the disappearing bridges. Can't believe this is still a thing, because this was an issue

we definitely remember running into back with the PlayStation 2 versions, but there are still times

where you're driving around and stuff will completely fail to appear or show up in your game.


Sometimes, it's really important stuff, too. Like specifically, bridges sometimes will just not appear.

Now, you could still over them, but they're invisible bridges.

What is going on here? 

Next, over at number 11

on top of the normal graphical glitches,there seems to be a lot of new problems

with mission scripting that we've noticed, like this one mission called Pier 69. You're supposed to kill a

guy at the end of the pier Okay, but then the cut scene will sometimes

completely bug out and just get stuck there, like the mission scripting just stopped working.


Now, we've seen tons of examples of this kind of thing on Reddit, but this is the only time we were able to get footage of something actually happening. At least with "San Andreas," there are mid-mission saves, so it's not the worst thing, but it's still annoying for you

to have to restart a mission just because the game crapped out on you.


Which leads us to number 10.


On top of the general bugginess of the missions, we've had all three games in the trilogy

just straight up crash multiple times, a lot of times for no reason. One time, we were standing around,

left a game running for a few minutes idle, and then it just suddenly crashed. Once again, the saving and auto saves


are a lifesaver for the sort of thing.That's a nice upgrade. So there's not a ton of lost progress, but it still sucks, and we really expected something more stable.

 Next, over at number nine

 this is a very nitpicky thing,

but some of the weapon iconsin "Vice City" are different. Now, instead of using the original ones from "Vice City,"

the developers just reused the picture for some of the guns from "GTA III." Stuff like the pistol and sniper rifle look different in both games, but the picture is the same. Like we said, it's a small thing,but it just goes to show how little care


was put into stuff like this, to keep the remasters authentic to the original versions of the games.


Next, over at number eight,


another example of just kind of lame corner-cutting. Lance Vance gets an updated model in the game,

like every other major character in "Vice City," except for one specific example.When you do the mission Copland, where Tommy and Lance steal some police uniforms, they made a new model for

Tommy in a police uniform, but they didn't for Lance. It's just his original model. They didn't even paste his new head onto an old cop uniform. they just didn't change it at all.


 Next, over at number seven,


for some reason,the HDR settings on this game seem pretty screwed up.

There's absolutely no way to adjust them in-game, so if you've got an HDR screen,

then it's very possible that the game will be both way too bright and way too dark

at the same time, and it doesn't always look that good.


Rockstar has screwed up HDR in the past, and we remember it kind of being a problem

with "Red Dead Redemption 2." Here, the only way to fix it is to turn off HDR

on your whole system, which shouldn't be the only way to fix this issue.

We are really asking for more actual HDR settings for these games.


Next, over at number six,


waypoints are a great feature and they do make this game a lot better, but it can be annoying when

sometimes they just don't work. For certain missions, waypoints just stop showin up for no clear reason,

and the game just refuses to show you where to go, even if you put down custom ones, too.

It seems like a thing that comes and goes, but when it happens,you realize just how big of

an addition they really were. We just would prefer if they actually worked all of the time.

Maybe it's a choice to have them flip-flop on and off for certain things.

 We don't know, but it just still is weird. 

Now, over at number five

maybe one of the strangest ones we've encountered. For some reason, cars will get stuck together, even though they're not actually touching.

 We don't know why this happens, but we'll admit, it can be kind of hilarious. The car follows you like it's attached by an invisible tow cable or something.

It's bizarre. This one is rare, we will admit, so it's not top priority, but it's weird, and we also just wanted to show it.


And at number four, 

here's another totally benign but still dumb thing that we've seen. There's a marker in the game world that doesn't do anything.

 And you can see it for yourself in Blueberry Acres. It's a little glowing spot that just doesn't seem to do anything. Now, one Redditor named beltristul offered an explanation for it.

 It's the absolute center of the map,and it's a test marker of some kind.

That's the most plausible explanation that we've heard.

Either way, this doesn't need to be here, and it's kind of funny that they just left it in.


Now, over at number three,

in general, flying and helicopters haven't given us too much trouble in the Definitive Edition, but some of the changes are weird, straight up,like the RC plane controls in the mission Supply Lines. It was never easy to fly,but the controls feel so much worse here.

We can barely keep this stupid plane straight in this game.

They definitely made Supply Lines easier to finish in this version, but the simple act of flying around

is so much more difficult here.

RC helicopter controls are bizarre, too. It just doesn't feel good at all to fly,

and many people are saying the same thing about the other flying vehicles in these games.

We're not sure what they did, but the controls for flying just don't feel right sometimes.


Now, down to number two,


if there's one concrete, definite thing we seriously want fixed, it's the stuttering and the slowdown.

It can be ridiculous sometimes.These are still technically like 20-year-old games

at this point, and the visual effects they're adding aren't seemingly too crazy,


so there's no reason that these games shouldn't at least be able to run at a consistent 60 FPS

on the next-gen hardware.The performance just isn't nearly as good as it should be,and it's something that we hope they fix as soon as possible.


Now, down at number one,


 of course,we have to bring up all the songs and music that have been taken out

of the original games. Even the digital versions of these old ones

had songs removed, so it's no surprise to us that there's some stuff missing here.

But it sucks. We would have liked to have seen a couple of new songs added.


We understand rights things and issues like that between artists and licensing.

It gets messed up sometimes. But instead of any like decent replacements or anything,

the game just has significantly less music altogether,and it's unfortunate.

Now, this is one that we doubt they'll fix. We did want to just point it out, though,

and it is a bit of a bummer.

But these are 20 things that we would like to see fixed in the game


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